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African Safari Packages from Australia

African Safari Packages from Australia

Typically there are two types of African Safari Packages from Australia to choose from either Escorted Tours or Tailor made Independent Tours. With so much choice in today’s market here is an overview to help you decide which is right for you.

Guided Tours

Set dates and numbers of guests:

African Wildlife Safari Tours depart on scheduled departure dates and have a minimum and maximum number of guests per tour. Look out for guaranteed departure dates as these are a great bonus if you have a tight schedule booking in advance and pre and post arrangements of the African Wildlife Safari Tour. Departures that are not guaranteed maybe cancelled due to lack of bookings and you will be offered alternative dates or itinerary which may cause disruption and expense to your plans.


African Safari Packages are priced accordingly to the season, inclusions are stated and a variety of standards catering for all budgets. The peak seasons is governed by the highest demand due to annual summer and school holiday vacation times, local festivals, movement of wildlife and weather. Less departures are scheduled in the low season though it offers great value for money. During the low season your experiences and choice maybe limited due to the weather, access and wildlife movement. For example the movement of the Great Serengeti Migration, road access during the green in the South Luangwa National Park Zambia and the rainy season for Mountain Gorilla Trekking.

Detailed itinerary on hand:

The African Safari Package itineraries are pre-booked by the operators and have detailed day to day itineraries available online and hard copy making it easy to read up on the highlights of the places to experience, inclusions, departures and cost.

Friendship and support:

Escorted Tours offer travellers friendship and support while travelling in foreign countries and are a popular choice for solo travellers seeking adventure with like minded people. Many tour operators including Abercrombie & Kent offer solo travellers no single supplement on some departures of their African Safari Packages.

Not flexible:

The itinerary is not flexible due to being pre-booked including departure times from accommodation, set times for meals, often 1 -2 night stays in each location and limited free time to immerse yourself with the local communities.


Early bird booking discounts often apply to African Wildlife Safari Tours

Exclusive access:

High end tour operators including Tauck Tours and Abercrombie & Kent often arrange exclusive access to major sights and performances for their guests

Larger camps and lodges:

Escorted Tours generally have 18 – 25 passengers and due to demand of rooms required the camps and lodges are larger and breakfast and lunch are often buffets. Intimate boutique camps have only 4 -5 tents and not able to accommodate larger groups.

Covering the cost of the Tour Escort:

Generally African Wildlife Safari Group Tours will have a Tour Escort in addition to the local guide/driver. The Escort is there to deliver a stress free adventure for travellers and their travel expenses are covered for by the passengers on the tour.

Tailor Made and Independent Packages


Each individual traveller has specific needs and visions for their African Safari Package and a tailor made package gives you the freedom to plan an authentic and personal African Adventure.

Value for Money:

Tailor made African Safari Tours offer value for money by staying within budget and having the flexibility to vary the styles and standards of camps and lodges. For example you have dreamt of sleeping in a tent in the African Wilderness and waking to the sounds of a lion roaring, a hippo munching on grass and experiencing remote wilderness

Ecotourism African Travel Experiences:

Ecotourism in Africa offers travellers the opportunity to directly contribute to the protection of the African wildlife, wilderness and local communities. Operators who are exceeding at delivering this generally are smaller and give guests a private personal experience.

Personal pace:

Travelling alone or with family and friends we all have individual needs and vision of this African Safari Adventure. Some love early starts and some love to sleep in, photographers sit for hours at a African Wildlife sighting waiting for the perfect image, others happy to point and click with their IPhone, the kids want to have an afternoon off have a swim and some us just want to head back early and enjoy the sun set in camp. All is flexible when designing your Tailor Made African Safari Package with your travel advisor.

Independent Stay in small camps:

Private driver and vehicles, fast track through immigration, hand held all the way if you prefer, restaurant recommendations and others like the adventure of a self-drive with choice of a hire a car or 4×4 safari vehicle.

Your personal guide and drive:

Subject to the style of African Safari independent tour organised you are able to have a private guide and driver for the duration and choose to fly between camps. They cater exceptionally well for multi-generational families, celebrations, photographers, honeymoons and travellers who like to learn about Ecotourism in Africa and contributing to local communities. Africa offers are stunning range of private homes and villas fully staffed or self-catering.

Disabled and dietary requirements:

Your travel advisor will hand pick the suitable accommodation that caters for a range of disabilities, flexible meal times, dietary requirements including anaphylactic, shorter safaris, diverse activities and suitable vehicles.

In summary…..

You will have a vision for your African Safari Tour experience and it is highly highly recommended to design your African Wildlife Safari with a professional, experienced and knowledgeable Travel Adviser who will deliver an authentic, meaningful and value for money African Safari Package Adventure.

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