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Morocco: a unique, diverse and culturally rich experience

Located in the northwest corner of the continent of Africa, Morocco lies between the dunes of the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean with diverse natural landscapes and beauty. A Morocco tour delivers travellers a tour full of rich culture, beaches, heritage, elaborate ancient architecture, desert regions, snow-capped mountains and modern high-rises.

Experience a unique stay in a camp beneath the Saharan stars where you will enjoy classic Maghreb hospitality, visit the 12th century walls and gates of the country’s capital Rabat, tour the oldest imperial city of Morocco Fes dating back to about 789 filled with hundreds of narrow alleyways, mosques, merchants selling spices and serene gardens along historical palaces, fortresses and mosques.

For the adventure lovers a Morocco Tour also offers travellers a diverse range of outdoor adventures with a highlight the High Atlas Mountains which offers hiking, bike trails and skiing. Ancient Casablanca on the coast with it Hassan ll Mosque and one of the world’s largest mosques and explore beautiful Marrakech filled with shopping malls, souks and Moroccan history and culture.

The famous city of Marrakesh dating back to 1062 is a cultural highlight on a Tour of Morocco. The famous Marrakesh Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the old Islamic capital of Morocco that originates in the 11th century with its urban landscape that depicts Middle Eastern or Arabic heritage.

Africa Safari Experts specialise in designing you a bespoke itinerary and African safari packages across this truly breathtaking continent on the globe. We are here to inspire you and work closely on full filling your wish list in a personal and professional manner.

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