Are you seeking an authentic African travel experience where you will have access to explore the time honoured destinations in addition to the new extraordinary destinations on offer? Africa Safari Experts specialise in designing you a personal bespoke itinerary across this truly breathtaking continent on the globe.

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Special Occasions

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Life is a journey and we cherish our time with family and friends. Based on personal experiences gained through working as a travel agent for over 40 years in Sydney and most recently hosting guests from all over the world in a safari camp in the South Luangwa Zambia the team at Africa Safari Experts has harvested extensive experience in planning special occasions throughout Africa.

The reason behind special occasion holidays are very personal though we have organised with great pride and detail marriage proposals, milestone birthdays, weddings, work triumphs, anniversaries, honeymoons, multi-generational family gatherings, renewal of vows, a bucket list trip and many other personal events in one’s life all creating precious memories.

You will be spoilt for choice in Africa offering some of the most remote and exotic locations on this planet, eclectic mix of amenities and activities, all-inclusive or self-catering accommodation and an extensive range of budgets. Africa Safari Experts is here to guide you through the myriad of travel options available providing an exciting and memorable celebration while taking into consideration everyone’s personal needs.

We provide you 24/7 after hour’s phone contact service located within Australia for peace of mind while you are travelling abroad.

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