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Busting Africa Safari Bucket List Myths

Africa Safari on your bucket list for 2019? Do you dream of going on an AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARI though have read or heard stories about Africa that turn you off the idea? I fell in love with the African wildlife, wilderness and beautiful local people on my first trip to Africa back in 1996 and since then have travelled extensively across Africa in addition to working for 2 years as Camp Manager in a Zambian safari camp (Mar 2016 – Jan 2018. Here’s a roundup of 10 of the most popular common myths about safaris, along with the reality based on knowledge gained from safari guides, operators, health professionals, guests and personal experiences.

The lions (or other animals) might jump in the truck with you!

‘Animals born where safaris are common have, over many generations, become habituated to the presence of vehicles with people on board. Africa Safari Experts only recommends operators who employ highly skilled safari guides and staff who implement strict safety standards, so our clients can relax and enjoy their safari experience knowing they are in the safest of hands,’ says Wendy.


‘There are places in Africa that are free of malaria so you can enjoy the amazing wildlife without the need for anti-malarial medication,’ says Wendy. ‘Vaccinations for typhoid and hepatitis A and B are generally advised, but we recommend contacting your medical practice for more information.’

Flights to AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARIS are a really long

You can fly non-stop from Perth to South Africa in just 11 hours and from New York to Kenya in 14.5 hours. From there, African Safari Tours start from a simple three hour road drive through to a one hour flight to your commence your African Wildlife Safari. Imagine experiencing the Rwanda Gorillas, Zambia Safari, a Safari Park South Africa or Luxury Safari Lodges in Botswana.

There’s no WI-FI ON SAFARI

‘Wi-Fi is available at the majority of camps, lodges and hotels we work with,’ says Wendy. ‘Hiccups with technology do happen from time to time, but than can happen anywhere you might travel.’


Africa Safari Experts offers safaris ranging from lower budget to super luxe.

‘Our camps and lodges offer a fully inclusive nightly rate which is prepaid and helps clients manage their budgets effectively. Any extras such as tipping and excursions are discussed when we put together your holiday.’


Africa is a vast continent and some areas are best avoided. However, in 2018 the Institute for Economics and Peace ranked Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Rwanda, Uganda, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Morocco, and Malawi as safer than the U.S.

‘Major national safari parks and tourist attractions across Africa are protected and managed by experienced tourism operators in co-operation with governments who are committed to the safety and enjoyment of every African Safari Tour travellers,says Wendy.

AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARIS are not a good option for singles

‘AFRICAN SAFARI TRAVEL can be perfect for single travellers. The combination of morning and afternoon safaris, all-inclusive meals in camp, and excursions to local schools and NGOs, gives guests plenty of shared experiences and lots to talk about with their fellow travellers. Our safari guides and lodge staff are friendly and welcoming and go out of their way to make sure everyone feels comfortable and gets the most from their holiday.’


Children of all ages are fascinated by wildlife and there’s an AFRICAN FAMILY SAFARI TOUR to suit every family. Africa Safari Experts offers walking safaris, family-friendly small group tours, accommodation at AFRICAN CHILD FRIENDLY LODGES with pools, kids activity programs and meals, and more.

‘AN AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARI provides a really rich learning experience for families, whether the children are very young, and primary school age or in their teens. There’s nothing like experiencing the magical AFRICAN BUSH and seeing leopards, giraffes, elephants, lions and the great migration of wilderbeest in Tanzania and Kenya. Kids can also visit African rural villages and see how they are contributing directly to ECO TOURISM IN AFRICA AND AFRICAN CONSERVATION. Children love having adventures with their families and learn so much too while the kids don’t have to cook, clean and worry about the budget as prepaid’ says Wendy.

AFRICAN WILDLIFE SAFARIS don’t cater for people with a disability

‘Many of the lodges we work with cater for travellers with a disability, providing access onto the safari vehicle, private guides and vehicles, accommodation and access to public areas. Simply contact us as early as you can in the planning process and we’ll help make your safari dream come true,’ she says.


If you travel with Africa Safari Experts you’ll be staying in comfortable lodges or glamping (glamorous camping) in amazing locations overlooking rivers, bush, plains and watering holes, with the sounds of the African wildlife night and day. Facilities typically include private bathrooms, full size beds with duvets, power and Wi-Fi, and fans.

For more information, enquiries or bookings email, phone +61414557667 and visit our website to view Africa Safari Packages from Australia and beyond to Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and more.

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