Are you seeking an authentic African travel experience where you will have access to explore the time honoured destinations in addition to the new extraordinary destinations on offer? Africa Safari Experts specialise in designing you a personal bespoke itinerary across this truly breathtaking continent on the globe.

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Zambia the pearl of Africa

Blessed with an array of stunning national parks including the South Luangwa the home of walking safaris, Lower Zambezi, North Luangwa, Luambe, Liuwa and Kafue they offer an abundance of astonishing variety of animals and birds including African wild dogs, Thornicroft giraffe, lions, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, elephants and more.

Zambia delivers you some of the finest African safari experiences on the continent allowing you to immerse in the real untouched Africa. With a choice of traditional open 4WD wildlife safaris, remote wilderness experiences, private tours with driver, traditional boat and walking safaris with the bonus of viewing one of the natural wonders of the world the spectacular waterways of the mighty Victoria Falls.

A unique and truly rewarding experience Africa Safari Experts Conservation and Community Tours will provide guests the opportunity to contribute directly to the protection of endangered African wildlife and local communities. The tours will provide in-depth experiences and behind the scenes activities where you will hear from the experts who work on a day to day basis committed to sustainable and innovative projects.

Based on our firsthand experience Zambia is a magical haven for first time and repeat safari travellers, photographers, bird lovers or those seeking a true remote wilderness encounter catering for all budgets and styles of traveller.

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